Teamster Thugs Indicted for Corruption Continue to Give Unions a Black Eye


Corrupt Teamster Boss, Joe Perry, charged in a 30 count federal indictment.

In keeping with their tradition of corruption and disregard for their members, four Teamster officials have been charged in a 30 count federal indictment in Massachucetts.

John Perry, 60, of Woburn, Joseph “Jo Jo” Burhoe, 44, of Braintree, James “Jimmy the Bull” Deamicis, 49, of Quincy, and Thomas Flaherty, 49, of Braintree, have been charged in a 30-count criminal indictment including racketeering, conspiracy to extort, extortion, attempted extortion, mail fraud, prohibition against certain persons holding office and theft of government money.

These four Teamsters behaved like common thugs, committing multiple acts of extortion and racketeering while beating up and bullying their own brotherhood who tried to question their methods and leadership, authorities said.

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident in the Teamsters Union. This is a continuing pattern of corruption that the current Hoffa Administration has been unable, or unwilling, to address.

Corruption like this serves to entrench opposition to labor unions and harms all working people. Unions are a vehicle for the improvement of society based on the principles of workplace democracy and justice, and the empowerment of workers through their collective voice.

Unions need to win in the “court of public opinion.” Corruption and thuggery sets our movement back.

Click here to read the entire federal indictment.

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