Teamster Deception

In this video, former Teamster Airline Division Director, Don Treichler, states that if directed by the United Mechanics, the Teamsters will open up the EXISTING collective bargaining agreement and commence bargaining to modify that agreement.

Mr. Treichler then tells the story about how the Teamsters brought Piedmont Airlines to Federal District Court to force them to negotiate with the Teamsters following Piedmont’s merger with Allegheny. What Mr. Treichler failed to tell the United Mechnics was that merger scenarios are different from non-merger scenarios.

The Teamsters deceived the United Mechanics into believing that they could open their contracts early. Needless to say, the contracts were never opened; When the contract was opened on the amendable date, approximately two years later, the Teamsters failed to achieve pre-bankruptcy IAM-negotiated contractual terms.